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Preventive Dentistry

Fluorosis is one of the most common therapies given to children by a dentist. It is completely painless, short and aims to strengthen the tooth's enamel, giving them greater endurance against carries. According to the worldwide bibliography, fluorosis can be firstly applied at the age of 6 years old, and then continue periodically until the age of 12 years old according to the dentist's orders.

Our dental clinic is equipped with a digital x-ray device that radiates low-dose radiation to achieve a high x-ray diagnostic value that appears directly on the screen of the computer. Sybron Endo's special electrical testing device is one of the most reliable of its kind and assists in the valid and timely diagnosis of teeth pathology and thus in planning the appropriate treatment.

The Clinical control occurs at your first visit to our dental clinic, where we check out all the mouth cavity teeth, gums and tissues. If necessary, we do a full x-ray check, and we develop an initial treatment plan after informing the patient about his or her mouth hygiene situation. If necessary, we can give dental health certification for all legal needs (e.g. school registration for children, absence of justification, etc.).

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