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Implant Surgery

The dental implant is made of titanium and simulates the root of the tooth. Its placement becomes surgically from a specially trained dentist, replacing the root from the tooth extracted inside the jaw bone. The surface of the implant is properly shaped, so that after its surgical placement it is inserted within the jaw bone and eventually one or more artificial teeth are assisted. The implant success rate is now quite large (< 90 %) from highly trained dentists, the duration of operation is limited and the endurance of the materials used is very long indeed. Modern technology with the use of special software also offers the possibility for anyone who wants to :

  • have specific placement of surgical implants in the ideal position for the best prosthodontic restoration
  • estimate the need of putting bone graft for a better esthetic and longer-lived prosthodontic restoration
  • reduce postoperative pain, oedema and surgical healing time
  • minimization of unpleasant surprises with predictable results during surgery
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