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Aesthetic Dentistry

When you smile broadly, your front teeth in the upper jaw are exposed and you don't like it? Gingivectomy could be your solution. It is a part of cosmetic surgery treatments for the gum. It is a microsurgery, in which we remove a part of gingiva that surrounds the teeth for either esthetic or periodontal tissue health reasons.

Compound resin (white filling) is the majority of dental fillings nowadays. Unlike amalgam, the white filling is bonded to the fissures of the tooth, and therefore become more efficient in restoring the front teeth. The resins of the last generation can also be used in the back teeth without doubt, while they may also be helpful in the covering of the mark and discoloration, which cannot be removed with a toothbrush. White fillings provide a color chart, so you can adjust the fillings in the colour of your natural teeth.

The teeth-strass in your smile is an esthetic touch. If you like jewelry and accessories you can put a dental, in one of your front teeth, which is exposed to smiling. It may be of gold, platinum or precious stones crystals. After a little processing of its surface, the dentist binds it in the proper place of the tooth. The dentist can easily remove it, whenever the patient wants, without leaving any mark or stain behind.

All-ceramic crown is an aesthetic prosthodontic restoration that simulates a tooth and is made from (white) ceramic material throughout. It does not contain metal at all, and provides an esthetic result of high quality and naturalness. It is usually built to be placed in the front teeth, where we have high esthetic standards to succeed an impressive smile.

The most conservative aesthetic prosthodontic restoration in dentistry, is porcelain veneers. It has a thickness of just 0,5 mm, made from white porcelain material and only covers the front surface of the tooth (just as we see it). They are usually placed in the front teeth, where we have high aesthetic requirements, so we follow a beautiful smile with minimal tooth cutting. Their construction technique is very sensitive, yet the selection of the teeth, to place those veneers, is subject to certain conditions.

Composite resin veneers are normally applied in one visit to the dental clinic after the proper preparation has been completed and the case has been carefully considered. This treatment takes place using the appropriate materials each time, so that: we can provide a better tone of color in the teeth, fix some position, tilt and rotation abnormalities of the teeth, improve the shape and size of the teeth, close some gaps in sparse teeth and cover some discoloration, erosion and abrasion of the teeth.

With air-flow, we manage to remove stains in the most inaccessible parts of our teeth, such as stains from smoking, coffee, chocolate, tea, red sauces and dental plaque. The dentist uses a special device that shoots the teeth with water and soda, giving them their best natural color. By the end of this treatment, the dentist can do fluorosis using a special gel in the new patients' teeth. The absence of inflammation of the gum and tartar of the teeth is a necessary condition for applying air-flow.

The color of the tooth is genetically determined and is influenced by factors such as: age, eating habits, smoking, consuming coffee or tea, taking medication, teeth injury (particularly in the front teeth of the upper jaw), old prothetics. The whitening of teeth is a procedure through which we improve the color and brightness of the teeth without damaging their natural appearance. We took pictures ,at our dental clinic, before and after this operation, so that we can  release the difference in color.

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